Single Rider

A new work-in-progress - excuse the mess while I use this gallery to play with some sequence ideas.


I was obsessed with all things Disney as a kid. I mean really, really obsessed. It’s something I’ve often tried to “grow out of” as an adult, but I haven’t been able to shake the feeling of pure joy, and even the deep sense of home that I still feel when I enter the Disney parks.   

The “Single Rider” series is a multi-faceted work-in-progress where I am reconnecting to my childhood self in a quest to figure out what that sense of home was all about. 

The project includes archival family photos of myself standing alone in Walt Disney World, a   curious phenomenon found throughout my many vacation photos, as well as new images that I’ve shot to be in conversation with the old.  I’ve also started taking portraits of other people, like myself, who visit the theme parks alone and find their sense of belonging and contentment in these places.  One might imagine a deep sense of loneliness in such a crowded place designed for families, but it’s quite the opposite… despite every cynical and critical bone in my body crying out otherwise, these theme parks somehow manage to fulfill their promise of being “the happiest place on earth.”